It’s just a matter of time before the Chicago Bulls trade Jimmy Butler

  It’s just a matter of time before the Chicago Bulls trade Jimmy Butler. A trade is coming eventually. Jimmy knows it, Bulls know it, and the NBA world knows it. The Bulls continue to refuse that they are building around Jimmy Butler. Jimmy Butler is currently on the Bulls roster but the Bulls are not committing to Jimmy to be the franchise centerpiece which makes no sense at all.  The Bulls have not publicly come out and say that Jimmy Butler is their franchise player. Bulls and Celtics have been talking about Jimmy Butler since the last NBA draft. Both teams are like magnets. Both teams will go through the entire process again leading up to the draft in June. I just don’t understand why the Bulls don’t come out and say that Jimmy Butler is not available. It blows my mind that they are even considering trading Jimmy Butler. Jimmy is a complete player. Makes big time baskets, can score whenever he wants, can get to the free throw line whenever he wants, and he is one of the best two way players in the league. It just drives me nuts that this organization is this dumb. The front office has no idea what they are doing. They are an embarrassment. Jimmy Butler is one of my favorite players and the Chicago Bulls are treating him like crap.  Bulls are trying to stay in the playoff race while also trying to rebuild the roster with more young and athletic players. The Chicago Bulls have lost all trust and credibility among the fans. The Bulls are in a different world because they say there plan is working but Bulls fans and even the media is trying to figure out what the hell the plan is? The Chicago Bulls have no clue what they are doing. When there is smoke there is fire.  All they care about is selling tickets. The Bulls front office isn’t going anywhere and we can’t do anything about it. It’s just ridiculous what’s happening. We don’t deserve this crap. 

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