Letting Alshon Jeffery go is a big mistake that will haunt the Chicago Bears

   According to multiple reports that Chicago Bears are not expected to franchise tag Wide Receiver Alshon Jeffery. Alshon will become a free agent. This decision is a bad decision. In my opinion Alshon Jeffery is a special player and for the Bears to let him hit free agency makes me wonder what on earth are they doing? Alshon Jeffery is a big time wide receiver. The Bears are heading in the wrong direction because they are letting another big time player walk. Bears are making a mistake by not agreeing to terms with Alshon. I truly believe Alshon is a top seven wide receiver in the NFL. Bears have a lot of cap space so it’s a head to why they are letting Alshon walk. Alshon Jeffery is a guy when you throw him the ball eight out of 10 times he is gonna catch it or there’s gonna be a penalty on the other team. I’m a big fan of Alshon and he makes the job of a quarterback much easier. He makes an impact when he is on the field. The Bears have a lot of decisions to make this offseason and I think this upcoming season is a make it or break it year for GM Ryan Pace and Coach John Fox. I think they gotta make the playoffs or they will be fired. By letting Alshon Jeffery hit free agency I just wonder if they know what are they doing. They have no quarterback and a lot of people think it’s gonna be Jimmy Garoppolo but I’m not a fan of this choice. Ryan Pace had the chance to draft him twice when Garoppolo was in the draft and past on him. I truly believe that you gotta draft a quarterback in the draft and that QB should be your franchise player. Chicago Bears have made some questionable decisions so far and this is a really important offseason for them. Letting Alshon Jeffery go is a big mistake that will haunt them.


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