The Chicago Bulls should build around Jimmy Butler

The Chicago Bulls should build around Jimmy Butler. Jimmy Butler is an excellent player. One of the best two way players in the NBA. Jimmy is a very unique player. By now everyone knows Butler’s background. I watch every Bulls game and I am just amazed by how confident Jimmy has become by dominating the game even when he has a bad night shooting. This guy plays 100% all the time. Two things I don’t understand about the Bulls front office. One is why haven’t the Bulls publicly come out and say that Jimmy Butler is our franchise player. He is obviously your best player and gives you the best chance of winning basketball games. Two it just blows my mind seeing Jimmy Butler in trade rumors. I just don’t understand why he is even considered being moved. The guy is a workaholic. All he wants to do is win. He is a team player, he gets everyone involved. He can play any position. There are people out there that want Jimmy Butler to be traded. My argument to that is that if we do trade Jimmy Butler, the players we want in return hopefully turn into a Jimmy Butler type player which is a big risk. Chicago Bulls fans expect more and they want their team to compete out there every night and to make a run at the championship every year. Jimmy Butler is a special player and I have always been a fan of the way he plays. It is rare that the same player on a team is the best offensive and defensive player but that’s what Jimmy Butler is on the Bulls. It would truly be sad if the Bulls trade Jimmy Butler away. Bulls need to start thinking of ways to build around Jimmy and not ways to trade Jimmy Butler. Jimmy Butler is a franchise player and hopefully he can win a championship for the Bulls.


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