Will Bulls fans ever love Jimmy Butler as much as they loved Derrick Rose?

  Will Bulls fans ever love Jimmy Butler as much as they loved Derrick Rose?  Bulls fans aren’t giving much love to Jimmy Butler as they did with Derrick. I’m a huge fan of Jimmy Butler and also a big fan of Derrick Rose. I was sad to see when the Bulls traded Derrick Rose. People need to start respecting Jimmy Butler. When I get asked how would you describe Jimmy Butler? My answer is a guy that never gives up and always fights till the end. I know a lot of people were and are still sad that the Chicago Bulls traded Derrick Rose. There are plenty of Bulls fans out there that think it was Jimmy Butler’s fault that Derrick got traded. A lot of Bulls fans stopped supporting the team because Rose was traded. Look I understand where Bulls fans are coming from. Derrick Rose was a special player in Chicago and it just sucks that he suffered horrible injuries. The guy brought excitement to Chicago, but things change. It’s too bad what happened to Rose but we gotta move on and keep supporting the team. Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose respect each other but it just didn’t work out on the court. I wish more Bulls fans would support Jimmy because he deserves a lot of love like we gave Derrick. Jimmy loves Chicago and wants to win a championship here. It’s not his fault that Derrick got traded. It wasn’t his decision to make that trade, but changes happened and now we have Jimmy Butler trying to win a ring here. At the end of the day I will always support Derrick Rose because he was one hell of a player in Chicago, but now we have to turn the page and Bulls fans need to understand that. We can support Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler.  


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