What Should the Chicago Bears Do With the Quarterback Situation?

The Chicago Bears have the third overall pick in the NFL draft. Everyone expects Jay Cutler to either be traded or released. In my opinion with the third overall pick in the draft the Bears should draft a quarterback. I like two quarterback’s in this draft, Deshaun Watson and Mitchell Trubisky. We all know the Bears need a QB so draft your franchise QB with the third pick. I truly believe that Trubisky and Watson are NFL ready starters week 1 for the regular season. Draft a QB with your third pick and start the guy week 1. You don’t draft players to just be on the sideline. I would have either Matt Barkley or Brian Hoyer as my second string quarterback and then have Connor Shaw as the third string quarterback. The Bears reportedly are the front runners to get Mike Glennon. I don’t understand what’s the point of getting him. I like Jay Cutler over him. I keep reading that if we sign Mike Glennon then he would be our bridge quarterback to let the QB that we draft develop. I disagree with all of that. First of all Glennon wants a lot of money that I just don’t think he deserves, Second of all you gotta draft a quarterback in this draft and I think you gotta play him. That’s what I think Trubisky and Watson are NFL ready for the big stage. So to recap If I was the Bears I would either draft Deshaun Watson or Mitchell Trubisky with the third overall pick and start them week 1 in the regular season. The quarterback that I draft is my franchise player. Plain and simple.



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