Chicago Bulls Fall 109-95 to Pistons, Dropping to 31-32 On Season.

This Bulls roster is a joke. This Bulls front office is a joke. This coaching staff is a joke. This organization is a joke. The Bulls tonight lost to the Pistons 109 to 95. A game where they had a 14 point lead. This mediocre team is just driving me crazy. They keep frustrating me and I keep watching the games. I just can’t help it. I love my Chicago Bulls but this organization is becoming a joke. The Bulls continued to look for the own shots. There was no movement and all they did was play ISO basketball. They keep playing horrible defense and the players are not taking this personal. You are not gonna win games if you don’t play defense. Jimmy Butler is wasting his time here because it’s obvious that most of the players don’t care about winning. There were multiple times during the game tonight where multiple Bulls players didn’t show hustle. It’s just sad what’s going on with this team. Fred Hoiberg doesn’t deserve to be a NBA coach. This guy is a college coach not an NBA coach. Hoiberg has not idea what he is doing. Tonight was the second game in a row where Hoiberg just randomly tried a weird lineup for the first time in the fourth quarter. Tonight he put Anthony Morrow in crunch time in the fourth which made no sense because he didn’t even play for the first three quarters. This guy should never have been hired as the coach for the Bulls. Right when you think they are turning their season around they come right back and play like crap. This is just getting annoying. This team doesn’t care about each other, they don’t have each other backs, and they are playing like a JV team. The Bulls front office is one of the worst front office’s in the NBA. They have no idea what they are doing. All they care about is selling out home games. Shame on the players, the coaching staff, and the front office. We deserve better.






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