Bulls Fall 98-91 to The Magic

I watch every single Chicago Bulls game. I make sure I never miss the games because of how much I’m a fan of the Chicago Bulls, but this Bulls team is a disaster. I am sick and tired of this crap. The Bulls played the Magic tonight and the game was just ugly. Bulls had good energy in the first half but once again they struggled in the second half. This team just continues to frustrate me. Fred Hoiberg is an awful head coach. Hoiberg doesn’t even have a rotation. You never know who’s going to play on any given night. It’s March 8th and Hoiberg still has no consistent rotation. I wanna thank Gar Forman and John Paxson for doing a great job pissing me off every time the Bulls play. You guys do a great job. There are just no words anymore. I keep asking myself why do I continue to spend time out of my day to watch Chicago Bulls games and I have no answer to that. They keep ruining my day with the way they play. In order to win games you gotta play defense and the Bulls are awful on transition defense and they don’t hustle. This is team is just bad. It’s getting really hard to watch. This coaching is just pathetic. The Bulls had a double digit lead and then completely lost it. They literally blow a big lead almost every game. This team doesn’t care anymore. Bulls players don’t respect Fred Hoiberg at all. This organization is a disaster and I continue to torture myself by watching every Bulls game. Bulls fans deserve better.




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