Chicago Bulls Lose 115-94 To The Rockets As They Drop 4 Straight Games

The Chicago Bulls lost another double digit first quarter lead and were destroyed by the Rockets in a 115-94 loss. Bulls are now 31-34 this season and have lost four straight games. Jimmy Butler scored 16 points with five rebounds and four assists in 31 minutes but the Chicago Bulls couldn’t keep up with the Rockets. Dwyane Wade returned from missing two games with a sore left quad and scored 21 points, all in the first half. Bulls fans at United Center started to boo the players with more than 18 minutes left of playing time. We have seen enough. The Bulls were sloppy committing 11 turnovers. Once again the Bulls played no defense, They didn’t hustle for loose balls, and they didn’t play for each other.  It’s not even fun watching this team. It’s so hard watching them play because I want nothing but the best for them but it just hurts me when they don’t play well. Enough is enough already. Nobody but a few players really want to win. The Chicago Bulls will always be my team, but damn this team is just so bad to watch. Fred Hoiberg has no idea what to do with this team. It is what it is. Next Bulls game is Sunday against a tough Celtics team. 

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