Signing Mike Glennon Is A Huge Mistake That Will Haunt The Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears made a huge mistake by signing Mike Glennon. Bears signed Mike Glennon to a three-year deal. The deal is worth up to $45 million, but only $18.5 million of that is guaranteed. Of that guaranteed money, $16 million will be paid in the first season. Before I give my reasons to why I think this signing was a mistake let’s look at his statistics. He is 27 years old and was a third round pick of the Buccaneers out of North Carolina State. He entered the league in 2013 and has made a total of 18 starts, completing 59.4 percent of his passes for 4,100 yards, 30 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. I almost forgot to mention that Mike Glennon hasn’t started a game in the past two years. I am not a fan of this signing at all. This signing will make the Bears worse. Glennon has not seen any meaningful playing time since 2014. He doesn’t have good arm strength, He is afraid to throw the ball down the field, His accuracy is below average, He is horrible when he gets pressure in his face, and he has no mobility in or even outside the pocket. This guy is best a backup quarterback. I just don’t understand this signing. Know one wants to play with Mike Glennon. Chicago is no longer a desired destination for NFL free agents. According to the Chicago Tribune the belief around the league is players didn’t want to come to the Bears with a coaching staff that has a questionable future beyond 2017. I wouldn’t want to come play for the Bears either. This franchise is making some big time mistakes. Bears had interest in Gillmore, Bouye, Ryan and Kirkpatrick and they missed out on all of them. Chicago Bears GM Ryan Pace in his press conference said this about Mike Glennon: “Mike Glennon is our starting quarterback and we’re fired up about that.”You know what Pace I am not fired up about that. The Bears are stuck right in the middle. Sorry Mr. Pace but if you don’t make the playoffs this 2017 season then there is a good chance you and even Coach John Fox will be fired. Mike Glennon is not guy that will lead you into the playoffs. This is a stupid signing by them. Why can’t they draft Watson or even Trubisky and start them week 1 of the 2017 season. Have a fresh start with you franchise  QB that you draft. Why Mike Glennon? I guarantee that if the Bears draft a quarterback in this year’s NFL Draft that player will start at least one game in the regular season. Glennon is a backup quarterback and should not even been considered a starter. He hasn’t played in two years for a reason and that’s because he is not that good. The Chicago Bears are gonna have another disappointing 2017 season and are gonna be wasting Bears fans time. This signing was a huge mistake that will haunt the Chicago Bears organization.



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