Chicago Bulls Players Don’t Care Anymore, So Why Should The Fans Still Care?

With the way the Chicago Bulls are playing right now they should be getting booed every game. Look at this roster. This team is horrible. There is no talent on this Bulls team. The upcoming schedule for the Bulls is just brutal. This team is on the verge of falling. The upcoming month is gonna break the Bulls.  If you are a Bulls fan who watches every game there is just so much anger towards this team. You have a coach that hasn’t proven to be a good NBA coach. You have players who were supposed to develop this season are just not because they are not very good. The Cameron Payne trade looks just awful. Payne looks like he needs to play for the Windy City Bulls. This is who this Bulls team is. Fred Hoiberg messages are just not getting through the players because they don’t care.

The Bulls front office are dumb and are still trying to figure out which direction they wanna go. There’s no shooting, the young guys aren’t any good, and the only real consistent player is Jimmy Butler. We are now 65 games into the season and Fred Hoiberg is still messing with his lineups and that’s making the players angry. Our amazing coach Fred Hoiberg continues to look like a coach who wants to get fired. He continues to put weird lineups on the floor. For example after missing five of the past six games, Michael Carter-Williams was the first guy off the bench last night, replacing Jerian Grant. Bulls were terrible last night and were booed by their own fans and they deserved it. Changing the rotation as much as Hoiberg does doesn’t seem to be helping the Bulls improve. Hoiberg can’t settle on a rotation because of the inconsistencies of the roster Forman and Paxson put together. It’s just that simple. Hoiberg told reporters after the game last night that he felt the Bulls had their best shootaround of the season Friday morning. That’s just embarrassing because later on that day the Bulls played like crap. There is no progress from this team. They keep going backwards and it’s making this Bulls fan very angry. This Bulls team has not respect for Fred Hoiberg. Hoiberg is not the long term answer for this coaching job because the players just simply don’t believe in him. The younger players have regressed under Fred.

There is no unity with the team. They are not fighting for each other, They are not rallying around each other. The Bulls are a group that is falling apart. Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade were basically taking direct shots at Fred Hoiberg and management last night because the young guys don’t know when they are gonna play on a nightly basis and that frustrates them. Bulls players got embarrassed last night but the guys after the game were making plans to where they wanna go hang out. The players are like hey we lost another game who cares. Jimmy and Dwyane seem checked out. They don’t care anymore. They want the season to be already over. The younger guys also seem like they don’t care anymore, so why should us the fans still care about this Bulls team?



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