Chicago Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg has to manage his rotation better

The problem all season for the Chicago Bulls is that there is no consistency in a game that requires consistency to build team chemistry. I’ve never seen such a terrible job of managing a rotation as I have with Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg. 19 times this season the Bulls have had a different starting lineup. 19 times. That can’t happen. Not one player outside of Jimmy Butler and Robin Lopez can find any rhythm because they are continually being benched, moved, losing minutes, shifting from starter to bench to DNP. It’s such a confidence killer and it will not help develop any player. For example the game against the Jazz I saw a smooth running unit in Portis, Valentine, MCW, Zipser and Felicio. They moved the ball so well, and did so without Butler. Let those guys play. If someone like Bobby Portis has an off-night, so be it. That’s called GROWING! I like our young players but Hoiberg kills their confidence by not knowing when they are gonna play.

     The coaching staff (not just Hoiberg) have no idea what they’re doing. You can’t just keep inserting and pulling players in and out of lineups randomly. The players need to develop chemistry and get in rhythm with each other, and that’s tough to do when it’s a different guy every other night. Coach Hoiberg hasn’t set up a regular rotation all season. Hoiberg and the management just can’t make up their minds if they are playing to develop their younger players or if they actually want to make the playoffs. Jerian Grant shot 40.6 percent from 3-point range over 25 starts and is out of the rotation. Really? I just don’t understand why Grant is not even in the rotation. Last night was the 2nd straight game Lauvergne got 4th quarter minutes over Felicio after not playing in 1st 3 quarters. I just don’t understand that logic. You can’t be playing 11-12 guys every night. You have to stick to a rotation. The players gain more confidence when they know they are gonna play. Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg has to make his rotation better.


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