Who on earth do the Golden State Warriors think they are?

Who on earth do the Golden State Warriors think they are? The Warriors are furious with the inactivity from the Thunder leading up to the first Kevin Durant return game. League sources told ESPN that the Golden State Warriors thought somebody from the Thunder ownership or the management should’ve addressed the media on Kevin Durant’s behalf to help ease the tension upon return. The feeling is that Kevin Durant should’ve been thanked. Really? Why would the Thunder do that? Since 1976 Warriors have one title. You have one title and I really think if Kyrie Irving didn’t get injured they would never have won.

They are arrogant and have an ego that just blows my mind. They need to shut up and just play basketball. People are starting to realize that the Warriors are the most arrogant team in the NBA in recent history. The Warriors have no right to tell the Thunder how to treat a player. They need to get over it. Remember when their owner Joseph Steven Lacob basically came out and said the Warriors are just smarter then everyone else. Remember when their Head Coach and some of the players talked about politics when know one really asked for their opinion. They have a player in Draymond Green who kicks people in the junk. He is known for being a dirty player. The Warriors are becoming very unlikable. I’m not a fan of the Warriors at all. Play more and talk less. They haven’t proven anything.

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