Chicago Bulls vs the Boston Celtics Game 2 tonight!

  My thoughts on tonight’s game 2 against the Bulls and the Celtics:

  The Chicago Bulls have to continue to dominate the boards. Bulls out-rebounded the Celtics by 21 Game 1 with a dominating margin of 65-44. 20 of the Bulls rebounds were on the offensive end. This is the kind of consistency on the offensive rebounds we need from the Bulls. Bulls will have the advantage on the boards. Lopez, Portis, Rondo, and Butler are all much better rebounders than our opponents. Bulls can’t be outworked in the paint. We need to continue playing to our strength. If not, it’ll be a long night. 

   Chicago Bulls need to start hitting their threes. Bulls can’t rely just on out rebounding Boston again. In game 1 Bulls missed their first 11 3-point shots but rallied to make 7 of their last 14. Also, it would be nice to see Dwyane Wade be more aggressive. He was pretty quiet in the first game, so I expect him to have a better game 2. Let’s hope Nikola Mirotic can find his rhythm tonight. Niko struggled the last game so hopefully he can hit his shots tonight.

   The Bulls played nine guys game 1 and that’s not including Denzel Valentine, Joffrey Lauverge, and Michael Carter Williams. Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg has to be consistent with his rotation. This is not a time for experiments. Bulls players shouldn’t start playing out of whack, trying to get their own shots that they’re not used to taking. Just because we are leading the series doesn’t mean you can start playing dumb. Follow your game plan. Let’s see if the Bulls can pull away with a Game 2 victory. Go Bulls!




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