Chicago Bulls Front Office Needs To Stop Considering Trading Jimmy Butler

What you are about to read is from a die hard Bulls fan who watches every Chicago Bulls game. The Chicago Bulls front office seriously needs to stop considering trading Jimmy Butler. Let me make myself clear. Jimmy Butler should be the Bulls franchise player and should not even be mentioned in trade rumors. In his sixth season for the Chicago Bulls, Jimmy Butler set career bests in scoring, rebounds, assists, and steals. He played in 76 games in the regular season. This season Jimmy Butler had his second career 50-point game. He was ranked fourth league wide in free-throw attempts and conversions per game and earned three Eastern Conference Player of Week awards. Butler joined Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Ron Artest as the only Bulls players with 140 or more steals in a season. Jimmy Butler averaged 23.9 points, 6.2 rebounds, 5.5 assists and 1.9 steals.

Jimmy is one of the best two way players in the NBA and I think his a top 10 player. People need to start giving credit to Jimmy Butler. The odds have always been against Butler. His path to the NBA is as unlikely as anyone who plays in the league given his backstory. One thing about Jimmy is that he never stopped believing in himself. It drives me crazy that people want Jimmy Butler traded. It drives me crazy that people think Jimmy Butler is not a franchise player. It drives me crazy that Bulls fans don’t think Jimmy Butler is a good player. Are we watching the same Bulls games? The guy never gives up. The guy continues to get better each and every season. The guy works out three times a day. The guy just wants to win. Why would you not wanna have Jimmy Butler on your team? He isn’t just a great offensive player, He is a great defensive player. He always defends the best player on the other team, and he usually does a phenomenal job shutting the other player down.

According to multiple media outlets, The Bulls and the Celtics have had discussions about Jimmy Butler. I don’t care how many picks the Celtics wanna give up for Jimmy, I am not trading him. I tell the Celtics sorry but Jimmy is off the table. I don’t understand why Bulls General Manager Gar Forman doesn’t come out and tell the fans that Jimmy Butler is our franchise player. He has had plenty of chances to do so. Like Gar do you even watch the games? You are only in the playoffs because of Jimmy. The Bulls organization needs to treat Jimmy Butler better and the Bulls fan base needs to treat Jimmy Butler better. All Jimmy wants to do is win for this organization.

I’ve been a huge fan of Jimmy Butler and it would destroy me to see Butler in a different uniform. Hopefully that never happens and the Bulls front office comes to a sense of realization that Jimmy Butler is a great player, and a player that just want to win for the City. Lastly I wanna say thank you Jimmy Butler for never giving up. People have doubted you, but you continue to prove them wrong. This Bulls fan who yells at the TV when you guys lose, This Bulls fan who get’s really sad when you guys don’t do well, This Bulls fan who celebrates when you guys win just wants to tell you that you are a phenomenal player, and I will always support you no matter what. Thank you for everything you have done for this City and Go Bulls!

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