Why have the Chicago Bulls lost the last 2 games?

Bulls vs Celtics series is tied up at two. The Bulls won the first two games and the Celtics have won the last two games. Why have they lost the last two games? Dwyane Wade said the Bulls made no changes to their strategy in Game 4 because they watched tape of the loss they suffered in Game 3 and decided they played with “not enough energy.’’ The Bulls are in the playoffs. They won the first two games on the road. They were coming home to play their next two games in front of Bulls fans, and they admitted they had “not enough energy.” Really? Celtics came out of the gate in-game 3 and just took it to the Bulls. The Bulls never recovered after that. In game 4 the Celtics came out of the gate and took it to the Bulls. Does the team watch film? Does the team actually practice? You think they would make adjustments after their loss in-game 3. Bulls learned nothing. The players don’t care enough to prepare like professionals.

Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg didn’t have his team ready to start consecutive games at home. The Bulls need to make better adjustments to the Celtics’ small lineup. Boston will continue to run the high pick-and-roll and hit the screener because the Bulls haven’t made the adjustment to stop it. The Bulls won the first two game of the series because of their offensive rebounding. Not only did Rajon Rondo have seven offensive boards in the first two games the Celtics made an adjustment to try to neutralize the Bulls offensive rebounding by going small, with Gerald Green starting over Amir Johnson. Now it’s the Bulls turn to make an adjustment for Game 5. The Bulls have to figure it out quick. They have to take this series personal. They have to play like they wanna win. The last two games have been horrendous. They played with no effort. They have to come out with the first punch. They have to show the Celtics that we are a better team. The whole coaching staff has to step up, The players have to step up. The fans deserve a better performance from this team. Game 5 is gonna be a huge game. Everyone needs to step up. I almost forgot to congratulate the Bulls ownership for their bonus of getting the Bulls to play playoffs games in United Center. Before the series started I picked the Bulls in 6 games. Game 5 is gonna be a make it or break it game for the Bulls. Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade have to lead the Bulls. Go Bulls!

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