Chicago Bulls have lost three in a row and are on the brink of elimination

I don’t know what to say. Bulls gave this one away. The opportunity was there to steal this one. Bulls have lost three in a row and are on the brink of elimination. I’m not sure what the Bulls do on their off day but to me it looks like they don’t watch film. Fred Hoiberg is a nice guy but the players have no respect for him. This guy can’t coach a NBA team. The starting lineup for the Bulls heading into Game 5 was Isaiah Canaan, Dwyane Wade, Jimmy Butler, Nikola Mirotic, and Robin Lopez. Isaiah Canaan had a solid game. He finished with 13 points but he did have four turnovers. Dwyane Wade was close to a triple double but I don’t give a crap about that. There were multiple possessions where it looked like Wade didn’t care and just didn’t play defense. I don’t care who you are, if you are not gonna play defense then get the hell out of the game. Jimmy Butler had a decent game. I expected more from him but you can see that this guy is just too tired. You can also see that he is battling through injuries, but Jimmy won’t make any excuses about that. Now let’s talk about Nikola Mirotic. Niko is straight up garbage. This guy sucks. He doesn’t play defense, and every time he gets the ball on offense he feels like there is 1 second left on the shot clock because he shoots it right it away. Mirotic is a horrible player. I would take him out of my starting lineup in-game 6. I would send him, Jerian Grant, and Michael Carter Williams to another league. Horrible job by the front office of getting a bag of chips with no chips inside.

Robin Lopez is a very solid center but Hoiberg doesn’t use him as much as he needs to. They should run plays for Lopez. It’s just so frustrating. A lot of people are blaming the officiating for the Bulls loss. Yes the refs made some bad calls but you know what the Bulls had a chance to win this game and they failed. It was their fault. They had chances and they blew it. Bulls had way too many defensive breakdowns. There is no communication out there. It’s just sad. Bulls had way too many turnovers, especially plays where we just tossed the ball right into Boston’s lap.

Now let me talk about Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg. In Game 87, Hoiberg using new rotations and combos we haven’t seen. Hoiberg has no idea what he is doing. This guy along with Nikola Mirotic are a joke. I love the Chicago Bulls but man This team is straight crap right now. It’s starts with management who have done a horrible job. They don’t do a good job and all they care about is making money. They should be embarrassed. Gar Forman hired his best friend Fred Hoiberg who is just clueless. They should be ashamed of themseleves. Why does Hoiberg never call a timeout when the other team has crazy momentum? Like the game ended when we had two timeouts left just use them. Keys to game 6 fire this fool. This team is like a rollercoaster ride. So so frustrating. Game 6 is Friday night at United Center.

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