“I love Chicago, they took a chance on me with the #30 pick”

The future of Jimmy Butler with the Chicago Bulls remains uncertain. Jimmy spoke of his love for the the Bulls during an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live. “They took a chance on me in 2011 with the 30th pick. I’m forever grateful for that,” Butler said. “I love it there.” Butler admitted that people in Los Angeles think he wants to join the Lakers. “People say, ‘Oh, he’s coming to the Lakers, he’s in L.A.’ That’s not it,” Butler said. Jimmy Butler is scheduled to leave for Europe later this month. Jimmy Kimmel who is a Lakers fan thinks Butler should stay in Chicago because of the foundation he has built there.

Jimmy Kimmel pointed out that the Celtics may be interested in Butler. “I can’t really control that,” Butler said. “I signed however long I did with the Bulls. What they decide to do is what they decide to do. I love it there. But like I always say, whatever organization I play for is always going to get my all every single night. I’m fortunate enough for it to be the Chicago Bulls right now.” Bulls have been getting calls from teams on Jimmy Butler this offseason, but the Bulls are not calling teams about Butler. Jimmy Butler will have a meeting with Bulls VP John Paxson early next week, source said.

Last offseason, the Bulls were seeking at least three and sometimes four assets in exchange for Jimmy Butler, Per K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune. Jimmy Butler is a three-time All-Star with at least two more seasons on his contract with the Bulls (player option in 2019-2020. Bulls are expected to give the “Three Alphas’’ one last run, Per Chicago Sun-Times. Hopefully the Bulls keep Jimmy Butler. I’ll continue to support Jimmy Butler no matter what.


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