Cubs win! 

Today’s game featured a different lineup than we’re used to seeing. Alex Avila caught for John Lackey and Willson Contreras was out in left field, taking the spot of Kyle Schwarber. 

John Lackey did John Lackey things and gave up his 27th homer in the 1st inning, this time to Bryce Harper. Edwin Jackson was pitching for the Nationals, Cubs fans know a lot about him and his struggles at Wrigley, and struggle is what he did. The bottom of the first started off with back-to-back doubles for Jon Jay and Kris Bryant and the Cubs tied it 1-1. Contreras stepped up to the plate. Everything is going right for Contreras this year as he hit a infield hit to score KB. The newly acquired Alex Avila launched his first career homer with the Cubs. All of this damage was done in the first and the Cubs had a 4-1 lead. Thanks EJax. 

John Lackey is the number six starter now for a reason. Through the next four innings the Nationals scored 2 runs and cut the lead 4-3 after five innings. Then, guess who stepped in for the Cubs. Once again, Willson Contreras came to save the day. He blasted a two run homer and gave the Cubs a 6-3 lead! If not Contreras, the second most clutch player has to be Jon Jay. Jay delivered a RBI single after a Happ steal to give the Cubs a 7-3 lead! Justin Wilson came out of the pen in the bottom of the 8th and once again struggled. He loaded the bases, but once again was able to get out with little trouble. He only allowed one run and that came because of an error on Baez who couldn’t finish the double play to get out of the inning. 

Wade Davis came in for the save and was able to convert on the save, not without a little drama though. The Cubs beat the Nationals 7-4 and tied the series 1-1! 

What’s Next? 

The Cubs led by Jon Lester face off in a rubber match against the Nationals tomorrow. First pitch is at 1:20 PM. Cubs improve to 58-51 and take a one game lead over the Brewers. Tomorrow might just feel like an October game. 

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