Jay Cutler is set to lace ’em up again, but in Miami.

Jay Cutler has returned.

According to multiple reports, The ex-Bear, agreed a 1yr/10mil deal earlier today as he is reunited with former Bears OC Adam Gase. Cutler was set to be in the broadcasting booth for FOX Sports before joining the Dolphins. Ironically, the Bears season opener against the Falcons was set to be called by none other than Jay Cutler himself.

The Fit Makes Sense

As Cutler became comfortable learning what and what not to say in the booth, Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill tore his ACL and faced a season ending surgery. The Dolphins had to scramble to find a new starting QB as preseason was approaching, but due to coach Adam Gases past, Jay Cutler seemed like the obvious choice. The lone year that Adam Gase spent in Chicago was the lone year that Jay Cutler could actually be called good (as a Bear). Gase’s system was perfect for Cutler as he set career highs (or close to them) in the passer rating, yards, completion percentage, and TD-Int ratio categories.

And Then There Were Two (kind of)

Twitter users and NFL fans have spent the few hours after the news breaking scrutinizing the call on the Dolphins end. “The Dolphins are so stupid, Kaepernick is way better than Cutler.”

They’re Wrong.

Colin Kaepernick is good, don’t get me wrong. He should have a starting job over the likes of Brock Osweiler and Blaine Gabbert, but not when it comes to the Dolphins. For them, it just makes complete sense. And for Cutler, too. Fans have been debating who’s better for the Dolphins without realizing that this is a win-win for Cutler and Miami.

It’s a Win-Win

The Dolphins now have someone more capable than Tannehill and someone who will likely win them many games. Coming off of a 10-6 season, they likely have the missing peice of making the playoffs.

Jay Cutler is getting another shot at the NFL. This time he has the resources to prove himself. Cutler would prefer to leave the league gracefully and this is his chance to win a few games and go, not three *cough cough*. Oh yeah, he’s also getting paid 10 million dollars.


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