Derrick Rose donates money to man walking to D.C. to stop Chicago’s violence

Former Bulls star and current Cavs point guard Derrick Rose has donated $7,000 through a GoFundMe page to a man walking from Chicago to Washington, D.C. to help raise awareness to stop gun violence, according to Kelly Bauer of DNA Info. Demetrius Nash who is from Bronzeville is hoping that his walk from Chicago To D.C. can help get awareness on Chicago’s gun violence. He is also hoping the walk will help fund for violence prevention. Derrick Rose donated to Demetrius Nash’s campaign on GoFundMe. At the age of 26, Nash was incarcerated for drug trafficking. Derrick Rose has a history of giving back to his hometown. He has paid for and also attended the funerals of murder victims. Rose also donated one million dollars to After School Matters. Nash’s campaign has already raised more than $21,000. His journey will start Friday and estimates that his walk will take 22 days. Demetrius Nash I wish you good luck on your journey. Derrick Rose I wanna say thank you. Even though you don’t play for the Bulls anymore, you continue to give back to your hometown. I never understood how people can hate on Derrick. Thank you Derrick and good luck Demetrius.

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