Tanner Gentry’s Hype Train, is he Overrated?

Tanner Gentry is an UDFA, so you don’t expect him to turn heads at training camp, and at best, “He’ll make the Bears practice squad.”


Coming out of Wyoming, Gentry had 14 TDs to go along with 1,326 receiving yards. At the college level, these numbers aren’t amazing but the player that these numbers belong to isn’t to be counted out. The Bears picked him up not long after the draft with the expectation that he’ll compete for a roster spot.

And he’s done just that, but a lot better than the coaches expected. Gentry has shocked the Bears personnel, players, and fans but isn’t amused himself. “I’ve always been pretty confident in myself and I’ve always known I can play at this level.” Gentry told reporters after practice Tuesday.

The Trubisky Connection

It’s been evident and known throughout Bears camp that Tru and Gentry have a bond and connection. Gentry is the rookie quarterbacks number one target, Trubisky throws to him a number of times every practice. Usually a few of them are touchdowns. These two are on the same page and you know that from the 11-on-11’s and 7-on-7’s. Watching the highlight plays they make on a daily basis can hopefully be watched by millions more on Sundays, maybe we’ll see Trubisky sail up a pass to the endzone where Gentry snatches it out of the air with a defender draped all over him again.

Highlights on Highlights on Highlights

This kid makes highlight plays every practice. He scored three touchdowns in Tuesdays practice, THREE in one day. His teammates have had high praise for him and CB Kyle Fuller doesn’t like guarding him due to the amount of catches Gentry has on him. This guy is a touchdown machine but his largest test still awaits, the one that killed a player just like him last year.

Preseason and Daniel Braverman

Daniel Braverman, last years training camp favorite was hyped just as much as Tanner Gentry. As it came to translating those highlight plays to a game, he failed. Braverman went for 0 yards in the 2016 regular season. But Gentry is said to be different, and his highlights plays should be displayed in Thursdays matchup against the Broncos. Don’t quote me on that.

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