Mitch Trubisky Steals the Show

The Chicago Bears lost their first preseason game against the Denver Broncos, last night. It was a 24-17 thriller that came down to the wire. I have never been on the edge of my seat watching the Bears play a preseason game, yet that is exactly where I found myself.

It didn’t start out pretty, however. In fact, I was really feeling down in the dumps after watching Mike Glennon stink it up at Soldier Field. He completed 2 of 8 passes for 20 yards. He also cost the team seven points, since he threw a pick-six on the first drive of the game.

True, it’s only one preseason game, but I did not like what I saw, at all. On the pick-six he overthrew Zach Miller, after facing pressure on the play. Kendall Wright was open on a shallow cross, yet Glennon floated a pass into triple coverage. He also lacks mobility, which is clearly evident. I thought Cam Meredith could have caught a deep pass on the sideline, but Glennon looked like he almost aimed the ball. He put too much air on it, and it resulted in an incompletion.

Mark Sanchez came in for a few series and didn’t do anything productive, which is expected. So, that meant the third quarterback that came in was Mitch Trubisky. I’m sure you’ve heard of him by now.

Trubisky was inserted into the game at the 1:55 mark, which is interesting since a lot of us didn’t expect to see him until the second half. We could not have asked for a better performance from the 22 year-old quarterback.  For him to go out there in the bright lights of Soldier Field and lead a touchdown drive in the two-minute offense is extremely impressive. Think about it, he could have been facing the pressure of knowing the other two quarterbacks didn’t play well. He could have felt the weight of the world on his shoulders. Instead, he played like he was just having fun in the backyard. He was accurate and the performance was admirable.

In my opinion, the offensive players played with a lot more energy with Trubisky out there than with Glennon. Also, the offense is just more diverse. Trubisky can run bootlegs, make throws on the run and scramble. Glennon stands back there in the pocket, like a tree.

The defense played well. Other than the third string members of the secondary and defensive line, it is clear that this can be a top-ten unit. Leonard Floyd is a monster off the edge, and he had a nice sack in the first quarter. You match that defense with the second leading rusher in the league last year, Jordan Howard, and you have something. The quarterback is what will determine the success of this team.

If Glennon plays the entire season, they may win 5 games. Who knows how many they win with Trubisky. It would be a lot more exciting than watching Glennon play the majority of the games, that’s for sure.  Maybe he has a rookie season like Robert Griffin III and the team finishes 10-6. I’m sure he would have bad games, as it is a learning process. Teams would disguise their defenses, and Trubisky would have to learn on the fly.

I think it would be wise to let Trubisky see time with the starters in the third preseason game. I would still let Glennon, who hasn’t thrown a regular season pass since 2014, start next week against the Arizona Cardinals. However, it’s obvious that he was only brought in on what is really a one-year deal.

To me, it’s clear that the future is now, and Trubisky should start sooner rather than later.


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