Bears at Cardinals Gameday Preview – 5 Players to Watch For

Phoenix, Arizona – The Bears will take on the Cardinals in their second game of the preseason at 9pm CT. The Cardinals are coming into the contest at (1-1) and and the Bears enter (0-1), but losing again is the least of Chicago’s worries. Coach John Fox has a lot of competition on his team at some very important positions, such as quarterback, whether he likes it or not. Here are some Bears players to watch for as the Bears face Arizona:

Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky

Trubisky made his name known around the league in his NFL debut when he dazzled against the Broncos. While Glennon, the starter, played horrifically, Trubisky created controversy in the Bears organization. If Trubisky and Glennon play respectively similar to last weeks game, then you can expect Trubisky to move up the depth chart and Glennon down, even though John Fox has been awfully ignorant to Trubisky’s week one performance. If Glennon isn’t benched sooner, than it will happen later. But the timing is crucial for Fox’s job.

Quarterback Mike Glennon

You guys know why, he’s trying to fight for what he’s been dreaming about. Too bad he just doesn’t have the ceiling to be anything special for us.

WR Kevin White

White has been struggling in his NFL career. He’s only played four games in his first two seasons and has had a mediocre camp this year. He played against the Broncos but failed to make any catches. White, coaches, and fans all know this is his make or break year. Kevin White needs to prove he can not just be a reliable option for the Bears, but he has to be their #1 wideout when it comes to original expectations. Injuries took him off the field for the first two years of his career but now he needs to prove he can play.

TE Adam Shaheen

“Baby Gronk” has had an amazing camp. Now it’s time to prove he can translate that success into real game action.

CB Kyle Fuller

He’s fighting for a roster spot. The Bears are expected to trade him by Sept. 2, but he can change that with stellar performance. Like White, Fuller has been injured the last two years and needs to prove he belongs.



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