Mitchell Trubisky must play with the starters against the Tennessee Titans

When the dust settled in the Arizona desert, the Chicago Bears came away with a 24-23 victory against the Cardinals, in the second week of the preseason.

Mike Glennon did not inspire any confidence that he can be a starter in this league. While he completed 13 of 18 passes, it was only for 89 yards. He threw one touchdown and one interception. He averaged less than seven yards per pass attempt, which was a result of offensive coordinator, Dowell Loggains, massaging him through the game.

The offense was very basic and was carried by the strong play of rookie running back, Tarik Cohen, while Jordan Howard nursed a corneal abrasion. Cohen carried the ball 11 times for 77 yards, in the first quarter.

Mitchell Trubisky came into the game with 2:04 left in the third quarter, which is inexcusable. The reason Mark Sanchez came into the game before him will remain one of life’s biggest mysteries. While Sanchez only played one series, he does not need to be taking reps away from Trubisky, especially when the starting quarterback plays abysmally.

Trubisky opens the offense up with his mobility. He’s also extremely accurate, which is clearly evident with all of his throws from the Cardinals and Broncos game. He completed six of eight passes for 60 yards and one touchdown, which came on a beautiful bootleg.

Play-action bootlegs by Mike Glennon are something that is painful on the eyes. Everything looks so awkward. He’s slow with his windup and on his feet.

This was narrowly an interception thrown by Glennon. While Trubisky also should have had an interception, I have faith that Trubisky can get to his spot faster and throw to the two receivers that were open underneath. As advertised on this play:

After the game, Chicago Bears’ head coach, John Fox, noted how “appreciative” he was of Mike Glennon chasing down Tyrann Mathieu, who intercepted the telegraphed pass in the red zone. The effort that Fox speaks of is laughable.

In my opinion, Glennon showed no signs of improvement in his second preseason game. While it was not the 0.0 passer rating he put up against the Broncos, it was nothing that showed me that I can have faith in him when the Falcons come to town to face the Bears in the first week of the regular season.

The Chicago Bears moved up to the second overall pick to select Mitchell Trubisky in the draft. That showed how much conviction they had in this football player. Now it’s time to show the faith that they have in this football player by playing him with the starters against the Titans on Sunday.

We need to see what Trubisky looks like with Cameron Meredith and Zach Miller, while Josh Sitton and company block for him. Trubisky played behind a backup offensive line, and the Bears nearly paid the price.

This is the face of the franchise. Apparently, John Fox wants to have him get beaten up behind linemen that won’t be on the roster in a couple weeks? How are you supposed to evaluate Trubisky fully if he is handing the ball off, while they try to milk the clock down by running the ball almost every play?

Despite all of that, Trubisky’s play was clearly appreciated by’s Bucky Brooks.

Brooks said, “The Bears’ QB competition is reportedly closed, but it is going to be hard for John Fox to continue to ignore his rookie’s strong play throughout the preseason. Trubisky connected on 6 of 8 passes for 60 yards and a score, exhibiting outstanding accuracy, anticipation and athleticism working inside and outside of the pocket. With the offense surging under his direction, it might be time for the rookie to get some reps with the “1s” to see if he is ready for the job. Grade: A+

This is a great point made by Bucky Brooks. The offense is just better with Trubisky. It’s seriously debatable whether or not Mark Sanchez would be a better option than Glennon.

It remains to be seen whether or not Trubisky will play with the starters against the Titans this upcoming Sunday. It would certainly be a smart thing to do, considering the third week of preseason is the “dress rehearsal game”. If there was ever a time to see how Trubisky would look in “real” game action, it would be now.

This is certainly a change from when John Fox stated, after the loss to the Broncos that, “our depth chart is not going to change after one game, in particular a preseason game.”

Competition was the word of the Bears’ offseason. It was obvious with the moves by general manager, Ryan Pace, that they wanted to add an influx of players at many positions (like the secondary). The old adage is that competition breeds success. So, why is it that this philosophy applies to everyone except the quarterback position, which was seemingly handed to Mike Glennon?

This Bears team has a chance to surprise a lot of people. I think the only thing holding the team back from contending, with a 9-7 or 10-6 season, is good quarterback play. That isn’t going to happen with Glennon. They may win three or four games with Mike Glennon at the helm. While, Trubisky has a chance to get them to that desirable season.

Starting Trubisky also gives you a chance to see what kind of player Kevin White is. It does not even look like Glennon looks his way on some throws. I’ve seen a lot of fans clamoring about how White has not been getting open, and that is the reason why Glennon has not been throwing to him. I beg to differ. White does not necessarily need to be judged on how open he is. He is a strong, 6’3″ wide receiver that should be able to go up and catch 50/50 passes. He can’t do that if Glennon does not even give him the opportunity to go up and get it.

I also think that this is a team that is built to help a rookie quarterback. Tight ends, which the Bears have a lot of, are a quarterback’s best friend. The defense has a chance to be a top 10 unit. Also, they have the second leading rusher in football last year, Jordan Howard, who runs behind one of the best offensive lines in football.

Do the right thing, John Fox. It is time to give the face of the franchise a chance to play with the starters. If he plays well, he has a chance to take the starting job away from Mike Glennon, who has not done anything to keep a strangehold on the job, despite being given every opportunity.



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