John Fox and Mike Glennon should be fired, today

When Mike Glennon signed his 3 year, $45 million deal back in March, I was skeptical, but optimistic. Jay Cutler was gone, and the team needed a new quarterback. I also understood why general manager Ryan Pace traded up to take Mitch Trubisky second overall in the draft.

Glennon was going to be an expensive bridge quarterback. He was also a decoy for the fact that Pace wanted to draft Trubisky. Draft analysts and media figureheads were stunned at the move. The Glennon signing clearly faked teams and analysts into thinking the team would draft either Solomon Thomas or Jamal Adams.

The biggest knock on Trubisky is that he only started 13 games in college. So, if he was not ready to play, then Glennon would play until that time. I assumed that, if Trubisky was ready, he would be named the week 1 starter. I was wrong.

There was never an open competition. Glennon was guaranteed the job, and it was never based on performance. It is because Pace and Fox are, in a sense, politicians. They need to make sure that Glennon does not get his feelings hurt, while needing to justify why they gave this guy $45 million ($18.5 million guaranteed).

Through his play in the preseason, Trubisky showed why he was drafted so high. He is an athletic, strong-armed quarterback that is extremely accurate. He has a great feel for the game and he has the ability to throw guys open.

After losing Cameron Meredith and Kevin White for the season, don’t you think that they could use a quarterback that could throw guys open? An atheltic quarterback can extend plays with his legs, while keeping his eyes downfield. This is what Aaron Rodgers does in Green Bay, on a weekly basis.

Trubisky is the backup to Glennon, who has been absolutely horrendous since he stepped on the field for the Chicago Bears. His first drive of the first preseason game ended in an interception, and it has not improved from there.

Glennon never earned anything. He was handed the job on a silver platter. Trubisky would have beaten him out by a mile, if Fox had made a competition an option.

Against the Packers on Thursday, Glennon had two fumbles and two interceptions. He looks like a deer in the headlights. He routinely misses throws, and struggles to throw balls on time with his long windup.

Wow, Glennon is actually blaming his teammates, again, for something that is not his fault. That is some leader. How was he voted a captain? In case Glennon does not know, he lifted his leg, which meant that he was ready for the snap. If you do not believe me, here is Olin Kreutz, the former Chicago Bears’ center.

That was a winnable game for the Chicago Bears. Although they lost 35-14, much of that was due to Glennon’s turnovers. At one point, Packers’ fans cheered that Glennon was being sent back onto the field. And why shouldn’t they? He gives out turnovers, like presents on Christmas.

The Chicago Bears sit at a record of 1-3. They could very well be 2-2 or 3-1 if Trubisky was starting. Guys, I am telling you. This is not a bad team. The Chicago Bears have a top-5 offensive line, a two-headed monster at running back and a young, budding defense that could be a top-10 unit.

Ryan Switzer played wide receiver at UNC with Trubisky, and he is currently a Dallas Cowboy. He clearly knows what’s up. The obvious choice at quarterback is right in front of Fox, but clearly Fox is not aware.

It really is unbelievable how stubborn he is. The worst thing about the whole Glennon situation is that he is so afraid to say that his not playing well. But Jay Cutler? Fox was so fast to throw him under the bus, last season.

I do not know about you, but I am tired of being lied to by Fox and I am tired of watching Glennon throw checkdowns and bad interceptions. The NFL season is only 16 games and we are already through a quarter of the season. Time is running out.

I would fire both of them today. Let Sanchez be the backup and say that the signing of Glennon was a mistake. The team is clearly tired of watching him play quarterback, and Fox is too much of an idiot to make a change.

If Fox really cares about his job and the players on the team, then he will play Trubisky this week against the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football. This would give Trubisky 11 days to prepare. I know that Trubisky is ready. He would not be the backup quarterback, if he was not ready.

If Trubisky starts, this team could start to get on a roll and start to surprise people. I miss the monsters of the midway, and I am sure you do too.

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